Colombian Emerald Dome Ring in Yellow Gold and Platinum


Colombian Emerald Dome Ring

This spectacular solitaire ring is a testament to the incredible power that only a colored gemstone possesses. Its minimalistic design pays homage to the pure beauty of Colombian emeralds, untainted by secondary adornments. 

Colombian Emerald Center Stone

Prized since 300BCE, Colombian emeralds are some of the most valuable emeralds in the world. Their bluish-green color comes from the trace amounts of chromium found only in Colombia’s emerald mines. 

Minimal Treatments

The beauty of this emerald has come alive with only minimal enhancements. Using traditional cedar or rosewood oil, the soft surface-reaching fissures natural in emeralds were minimalized. This technique for enhancing the natural beauty of an emerald has been practiced for over 500 years. 

Modern Construction

The indentations on the shoulders of this ring indicate that it was created using newer production methods, most likely after 1970. Crafted in two parts, the luxurious yellow gold mounting was cast first, and the platinum strip was added and adhered to the band with steady heat until they became one. 

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  • 18 karat yellow gold
  • Platinum accent
  • Emerald cabochon, 5.11 carat
  • Colombian origin – AGL cert #1109622
  • Size 6.25


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