Jewelry Store Programs

Jewelry Store Programs

Solutions to help solve the biggest problems facing jewelry stores right now.
Running a successful jewelry store is harder than its ever been.
With more competition popping up everyday, its getting more and more challenging to get people through the door and get them excited to come back.
Somedays, it feels like you can’t win. You put in all this effort to ensure you have the best merchandise, a great sales team, and a beautiful store, but it never seems to be enough, even after spending hours with your clients.
At Mayflower Estate Buyers, we have multiple solutions to help solve the biggest problems facing jewelry stores right now. Whether you’re looking to increase store traffic, create loyal clients, recession-proof your business, or blow away your competitors, we have a solution for you. We know you have too much on your plate already, so we do the work for you.

What are your goals?

Increase Store Traffic

Create Loyal Clients

Recession-Proof Your Business

Blow Away Your Competitors

I can’t thank you enough for a very informative buying event. You were so kind and helpful to all of our customers.
Mary Beth Cornwall
Ray Jewelers

Client Testimonials

I’m part of a buying group in which every month we discuss big ideas to boost our profits. I’m going to my next meeting and telling them about these buying and selling events you just did. We made more money than I could have predicted!
Mike Fleck
Occasions Fine Jewelry
We had another company come to do an estate jewelry trunk show and only sold a few pieces. Mayflower did an estate jewelry trunk show for us and we sold 3 times the number of pieces! Nicholle really connected with our customers and everyone loved the stories she told about the jewelry. Nicholle has the Secret Sauce to these events!
Dan Levinson
Ellis Fine Jewelry