About Us

At Mayflower Estate Buying & Consulting, we take great pride in our ability to guide and educate clients on the best options for their jewelry needs. We handle each appraisal with care and expertise, whether it’s a large estate appraisals or cherished family heirloom. Our knowledge is fair and discreet – providing our clients with the best information on how to handle their items.

Who We Are

Mayflower Estate Buyers is a subsidiary of the esteemed Nelson Coleman Jewelers, established in 1856 and providing expert appraisal, buying and selling services. Our team consists of GIA graduate gemologists with decades of experience ready to serve your needs – whether it be jewelry appraisals or purchases at our Towson office or targeted fundraising programs tailored for non profits wanting more successful annual events.

At Mayflower we are dedicated to bettering lives within our community through comprehensive service offerings that exceed expectations!

What We Do

At our Towson, MD office, we provide a wide range of jewelry services, from appraisals to purchasing. We offer insurance, estate, and fair market evaluations for individuals, attorneys, financial planners, and more. We also allow individuals and estates to sell individual jewelry pieces or entire collections at competitive prices. For jewelry stores looking to increase their store traffic through loyalty-generating events or recession-proofing initiatives, we offer a variety of programs.

Our Team

Nicholle Mogavero

Appraiser & Lead Buyer

Mark Coleman


Amanda Coleman-Phelps

With over 40 years of combined experience, our team of experts are highly esteemed in the jewelry industry. We are Graduate Gemologists and Certified Gemologists from GIA and AGS; Senior Gemologists accredited by AGA; Jewelry Forensic Specialists with GIA credentials as well as board members for leading organizations like the American Gemological Society, Leading Jewelers Guild, and Maryland Retail Association. Furthermore we’re proud to be Members of additional prestigious associations including NAJA & ASA plus The Society Of Jewelry Historians.