Estate Jewelry Trunk Shows

We had another company come to do an estate jewelry trunk show and only sold a few pieces. Mayflower did an estate jewelry trunk show for us and we sold 3 times the number of pieces! Nicholle really connected with our customers and everyone loved the stories she told about the jewelry. Nicholle has the Secret Sauce to these events!
Dan Levinson
Ellis Fine Jewelry

Estate Jewelry Trunk Shows Increase Store Traffic

Estate Jewelry Trunk Shows are a fun and memorable way to increase your store traffic and sales during the event and after. Our shows are designed to showcase your store as the expert in your area, with one-of-a-kind jewelry that no one can compete with. Running an Estate Jewelry Trunk Show with Mayflower Estate Buyers couldn’t be easier!

Marketing Done for You

We provide 1,000 postcards in your store name with your branding, colors, and logo at no cost!

Sales Done for You

We come prepared to sell! We bring the jewelry, we do the merchandising, and all you have to do is watch us go.

New Customers for You

Millennials are searching for estate and vintage jewelry! When done in conjunction with a Buying Event, our Estate Jewelry Shows are shown to bring in new customers that shop with your for years.
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