Elevate Your Store with Estate Jewelry Trunk Shows

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Estate Jewelry Trunk Shows, a dynamic and engaging approach to boosting store traffic and sales, create a lasting impact on your business. Crafted to position your store as the local expert, these shows feature one-of-a-kind jewelry, setting you apart from the competition. Partnering with Mayflower Estate Buyers for Estate Jewelry Trunk Shows is a seamless experience, making your event both effortless and rewarding.

Marketing Tailored for You

Mayflower takes care of your marketing needs with customized postcards featuring your store name, branding, colors, and logo!

Sales Done for You

Sit back and relax as we handle the selling process. We bring the jewelry, manage the merchandising, and ensure a captivating presentation, allowing you to witness the sales unfold effortlessly.

New Customers for You

In a quest for estate and vintage jewelry, millennials are actively seeking unique pieces. When combined with a Buying Event, our Estate Jewelry Shows have proven to attract new customers, establishing lasting relationships that contribute to your store’s success for years to come.

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