Certificate of Sale Program

Solving the 7 Biggest Problems Jewelers are Facing Now

This Program Was Designed to Solve the 7 Toughest Challenges Jewelers are Facing NOW

Do these issues sound familiar?

  1. Not Enough Time in the Day
  2. Overworked Team
  3. Customers Aren’t Loyal
  4. Inconsistent Store Traffic
  5. More Competition than Ever
  6. No Time to Train & Educate Your Team
  7. Accredited Appraisers are too Expensive to use

Have you heard this before? Take care of your customers, and they’ll take care of you. That’s still true, but with the increase in internet competition and available resources, customers’ expectations of care have changed. They expect added value, an unbeatable experience, and for you to be their industry expert.

How do you meet those expectations when you’re overworked with no time for another project and more training? The answer is easy!

Offering customer’s insurance accepted Certificates of Sale on past & current purchases gets you more.

Offering customer’s insurance accepted Certificates of Sale on past & current purchases gets you more.




Offer Certificates of Sale on Every Purchase


Benefits of Our Program

  • Get your customers back in NOW by offering them complementary Certificates of Sale on purchases they’ve made in the past 365 days.
  • Print in-store insurance accepted Certificates of Sale and increase your retail sales by $25+/unit.
  • Certificates of Sale stored in the Edge.
  • All equipment included, onboarding takes 1 hour.
  • No extra work for you or your staff.
  • Certificates of Sale written by Graduate Gemologist and Certified Gemological Appraisers.
  • An off-site, independent appraiser on call for all your appraisal needs.

Your personal accredited independent appraisers, but A LOT less expensive.

1 hour

  • onboarding


  • per appraisal


  • start-up cost


  • rebate*

*Rebate redeemable at completion of program with return of program equipment.


Getting Started is Easy

  • We send you the equipment you need including a dedicated computer, Certificates of Sale paper, appraiser’s signature stamp, and seal.
  • You tell us how many appraisals you’d like to get started, 500 minimum.
  • We get started writing and uploading Certificates of Sale directly into the Edge.
  • You create a WOW experience for your customers.
  • Flexible payment options.

Ready to WOW?