Certificate of Sale Program

Unlock Your Jewelry Store's Success with Mayflower's Certificate of Sale Program

Revolutionize Your Profitability and Customer Loyalty with a Done-for-You Appraisal Process

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Are you grappling with the daily challenges of not having enough time, an overworked team, and inconsistent store traffic? In the era of heightened competition and evolving customer expectations, providing added value and an unbeatable experience is key. Mayflower’s Certificate of Sale Program is your game-changing solution.
Watch our video to see how our hassle-free appraisal process can save you time and offer insurance-accepted Certificates of Sale on every purchase. It’s more than just a program; it’s the untapped potential for boosting your bottom line and simplifying your appraisals.

Offering customer’s insurance accepted Certificates of Sale on past & current purchases gets you more.​

Loyal Customers

Customer Referrals

Gross Profit

Addressing Jewelers' Pain Points

Do these challenges sound familiar? Not enough time in the day, overworked teams, and the struggle to retain customer loyalty? Mayflower’s program is designed to address these issues head-on, ensuring your store stands out in a crowded market.

Meeting Modern Expectations

Customers today demand more than just a transaction. They seek an unparalleled experience and an industry expert they can trust. Mayflower’s Certificate of Sale Program positions you as that expert, offering added value that goes beyond the ordinary.

Your personal accredited appraiser, but A LOT less expensive.

1 hour



per appraisal


start-up cost


*Rebate redeemable at completion of program with return of program equipment

A Simple Onboarding Process

Getting started is a breeze! Mayflower sends you all the equipment you need, including a dedicated computer, Certificates of Sale paper, appraiser’s signature stamp, and seal. Choose the number of appraisals to get started (minimum 500), and we take care of the rest. Create a WOW experience for your customers with flexible payment options.

The Advantages You Gain

Get your customers back in NOW by offering them complementary Certificates of Sale on purchases they’ve made in the past 365 days.
Print in-store insurance accepted Certificates of Sale and increase your retail sales by $25+/unit.
Certificates of Sale written by Graduate Gemologist and Certified Gemological Appraisers.
An off-site, independent appraiser on call for all your appraisal needs.
No extra work for you or your staff.
All equipment included, onboarding takes 1 hour.
Certificates of Sale stored in the Edge.

Your Store's Success Awaits

Act now to revolutionize your profitability, simplify appraisals, and enhance customer loyalty. Fill out the form to get in touch with our team and start unlocking your store’s success.