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We strive to provide the most secure, professional, ethical, and enjoyable experience possible to every customer.






We do appraisals on jewelry and coins. Regardless if it's one piece or an entire collection, we can help you. All appraisals done by Mayflower Estate Buyers are done by qualified gemologists. We are also antique and estate jewelry experts.


For Jewelers

Let us help you recession proof your business and maintain relevancy in your market with MF’s Buying and Selling Events. Meet with one of our team members today.



Raise money and have a fun event your members will be talking about for years! Schedule a consultation to plan your event.



Buy Quality estate and antique jewelry

from Experts in the Industry. Personally curated to give you the highest quality at the best value.


Sell unwanted jewelry

to professional gemologists and appraisers so you always know you’re getting what your jewelry is actually worth!


About Us

Mayflower Estate Buyers & Consulting is awaiting the opportunity to guide and educate our clients on the best way to handle their jewelry needs. From documentation to disposition and community involvement, we believe that by contributing to our industry and community we can raise the bar for consumer protection and ethics, while creating a fun, relaxed and enjoyable experience for all.


What We Buy


Antique Jewelry




Coins and Bullion

Paper Money

Fine and Designer Jewelry

What Our Clients Said

As an attorney I am involved in the administration of numerous estates. In that role I have a need to have jewelry appraised to determine value prior to distributing to heirs or, in some instances, simply the sale of jewelry to convert to cash for the estate. I have engaged Mayflower Estate Buyers whenever a fair and reasonable appraisal becomes necessary. Everyone in the organization is very professional, friendly, responsive and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend utilizing the services of Maryland Estate Buyers not only in estate matters but in the event there is a need to determine the value of your personal jewelry.
Mark T. Willen, Willen, Limsky, Stampfer & Dowling, P.A.
I’m part of a buying group in which every month we discuss big ideas to boost our profits. I’m going to my next meeting and telling them about these buying and selling events you just did. We made more money than I could have predicted!
Mike Fleck, Occasions Fine Jewelry, Midland, TX
We had another company come to do an estate jewelry trunk show and only sold a few pieces. Mayflower did an estate jewelry trunk show for us and we sold 3 times the number of pieces! Nicholle really connected with our customers and everyone loved the stories she told about the jewelry. Nicholle has the Secret Sauce to these events!
Dan Levinson, Ellis Fine Jewelry, Concord, NC
I can’t thank you enough for a very informative buying event. You were so kind and helpful to all of our customers.
Mary Beth Cornwall, Ray Jewelers, Elmira, NY
I learned a lot about the value of my jewelry. The biggest thing I learned is that Nicholle (Mayflower) cares about me. She told me what had value, what didn’t and the best way to get the most money from selling my jewelry. All for free!
Paige, Baltimore, MD

What we Offer

We understand what jewelers need because we are jewelers ourselves! We know exactly what to do to make this event a success. We will share the simple process with you and be with you every step of the way.




Mayflower hand curates a unique selection of vintage and antique engagement rings for the discriminating customer. We source the finest old cut diamonds for complete authenticity. We carry a selection of Old European Cut Diamonds, Old Mine Cut Diamonds and Rose Cut diamonds just for your perfect ring. 

Shop from a selection of complete rings or from loose old cut diamonds if you want to custom create a ring. You can have a showing right from the comfort of your own living room if you schedule a zoom call or FaceTime call appointment!

Events For Jewelry Stores

Mayflower does TWO forms of events for other jewelry stores. A BUYING event, where we buy unwanted jewelry from your community and pay your store a portion of every item we buy. Then we do an Estate Jewelry Trunk Show. Both events are designed to draw new customers to your store and make you money. Both events help you maintain your relevancy, positions you as the expert in your area and virtually recession proof your store.


Non-Profit Fundraiser

All non-profits need fundraising and all people have unwanted jewelry to sell. It’s a match made in Mayflower Heaven. Mayflower will purchase that unwanted jewelry and donate a portion of it to your organization. Then we encourage people to donate a portion of the funds we give them. Two forms of donations all wrapped up in one. The best part is that we do the work, and you reap the rewards! Set-up an appointment to learn more about how fundraising can benefit your organization.