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When it comes to estate jewelry, Mayflower Estate Buyers are the experts. With decades of collective jewelry industry experience, we provide our customers with the best experience with jewelry appraisals, selling jewelry, and valuing jewelry for estates. We are also industry experts in delivering jewelry stores with events designed to increase store traffic, recession-proof their businesses, increase customer loyalty, and more. Our attention to detail in both jewelry and customer service has made us one of the most sought-after jewelry advisors in the industry today. Whatever jewelry needs you may have, from selling to jewelry evaluations, Mayflower Estate Buyers has you covered with years of top-notch expertise.
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What We Do

Jewelry Appraisals

When it comes to jewelry, many people don’t know the first thing about appraisals. Many assume that an appraisal is only necessary when selling or insuring a piece of jewelry, but this isn’t always the case. You might need a jewelry appraisal for several reasons, and there’s a lot to know before you start the appraisal process.

Jewelry Store Programs

At Mayflower Estate Buyers, we have multiple solutions to help solve the biggest problems facing jewelry stores right now. Whether you’re looking to increase store traffic, create loyal clients, recession-proof your business, or blow away your competitors, we have a solution for you. We know you have too much on your plate already, so we do the work for you.

Jewelry Buying

We have strived to provide the most secure, ethical, and enjoyable experience to every customer that we visit. Unlike the majority of diamond and jewelry buyers, we sell directly to our own private clients and collectors, enabling us to pay the highest possible prices for your gold, silver, jewelry, diamonds, and watches.

Trusts & Estates

Mayflower Estate Buyers and Consulting’s appraisers have worked with banks and law firms, trusts, estate professionals, heirs, executors, and private clients in Maryland and nationwide. We offer a full range of expert appraisal and evaluation services for jewelry, diamonds, fine watches, silver flatware and hollowware, coins, gold, silver, and platinum.

Buy & Sell With Confidence

“I learned a lot about the value of my jewelry. The biggest thing I learned is that Nicholle (Mayflower) cares about me. She told me what had value, what didn’t and the best way to get the most money from selling my jewelry.”

Paige, Baltimore, MD

Jewelry Appraisals


Do you need a jewelry appraisal? What type of jewelry appraisal do you need? Learn all about jewelry appraisals from the experts at Mayflower Estate Buying and Consulting.

Jewelry Appraisal for Insurance

For jewelry owners looking to insure their pieces, Mayflower provides comprehensive jewelry appraisals for insurance purposes. With decades of jewelry appraisal experience and GIA graduate gemologists on staff, additional insight is added to properly valuing jewelry. Mayflower is committed to providing jewelry owners with thorough appraisals, knowledge, and understanding of their jewelry collections.

Jewelry Appraisal and Selling

If you’re looking for an honest jewelry appraisal or want to liquidate your jewelry, then Mayflower Estate Buyers is the perfect place. We specialize in jewelry appraisals and jewelry buying and provide honest evaluations. Our team will educate and advise you to ensure you get the best possible offer. Visit Mayflower Estate Buyers today for a jewelry appraisal or to begin selling your jewelry in a safe and secure environment.

Value Jewelry for an Estate

Mayflower Estate Buyers offer jewelry appraisal services designed specifically to meet the needs of estates. Our jewelry appraisals provide an accurate and reliable valuation of jewelry pieces. Our highly qualified jewelry experts are well equipped to examine each jewelry piece, identify its type and condition, and any unique or special features that may affect the final valuation. Mayflower Estate Buyers take pride in delivering complete jewelry appraisals with precision and confidence. Each appraisal is accurately researched and based on market-appropriate data, offering you peace of mind when making important decisions about your jewelry collections.

Selling Your Jewelry

Mayflower Estate Buyers stands out from the rest regarding how to sell jewelry. With years of experience and market knowledge, we are experts in appraising and accurately valuing jewelry items. Not only do we provide sellers with accurate pricing, but our friendly and knowledgeable staff will also answer any questions you may have. Plus, we offer competitive prices and a hassle-free selling process. With Mayflower Estate Buyers, you can trust that your precious jewelry is in good hands!

What We Buy

Gold Jewelry

Sell gold jewelry and get the highest price at Mayflower Estate Buyers. We offer competitive prices for your precious metals, and our experts will help you get the most for your items.
silver buyers of silver jewelry, silver flatware, sterling silver and more


Selling sterling silver is easy with Mayflower Estate Buyers. We buy and sell sterling silver jewelry, flatware, hollow ware, and more. Get a free quote today!

Diamond Jewelry

Mayflower Estate Buyers is the best place to sell diamond jewelry. We offer competitive prices and quick, easy transactions. Contact us today to get started!
selling coins and bullion in towson md

Coins & Bullion

Looking to sell your coins, bullion, or bars? Look no further than Mayflower Estate Buyers! We buy them all and offer the best prices around. Contact us today for a quote.

Antique Jewelry

Do you have antique jewelry that you want to sell? Look no further than Mayflower Estate Buyers. We are the antique jewelry experts
broken and damanged jewelry

Broken Jewelry

Mayflower Estate Buyers buys broken jewelry, including chains, earrings, rings, and more. We offer competitive prices and payment options for all of your unwanted jewelry.

Fine Watches

Sell your watch to Mayflower Estate Buyers. We are experts in the purchase and sale of fine watches, including designer watches. Call or text us today to get started!

Fine & Designer Jewelry

If you’re looking for a trustworthy place to sell your fine or designer jewelry, look no further than Mayflower Estate Buyers. We offer competitive prices for high-quality pieces. Contact us today to learn more!

Jewelry Store


Looking for ways to increase store traffic, profits, and customer loyalty? Mayflower Estate Buyers offers several programs designed specifically for jewelry stores.

Estate Jewelry Shows

Looking to increase store traffic for your jewelry store? Mayflower Estate Buyers can help! We offer estate jewelry trunk shows that are perfect for drawing in new customers.

Jewelry Buying Events

Learn how to recession-proof your business by hosting Jewelry Buying Events! These events are a great way to bring in quick cash and attract new customers.

Certificate of Sale Program

The Certificate of Sale program from Mayflower is the perfect way to create loyal customers and solve the biggest problems jewelry stores are facing right now.

Mail-In Appraisals

Accredited jewelry appraisals do more than help your customers insure their jewelry. They offer immense benefits to your store! Accredited appraisals add value to the pieces you sell and your store, leading to less negotiating on price, more trust, more referrals, and more sales!

We'll Buy Your Slow Selling Estate Inventory

Are you tired of having outdated estate inventory taking up too much space in your cases? Get the cash flow you need by selling it to us. We buy your old estate jewelry appraisals and more. Contact us today to learn more.
jewelry appraiser inspecting jewelry for appraisal

Unique Fundraising Events

All non-profits need fundraising and all people have unwanted jewelry to sell. It’s a match made in fundraising Heaven. Mayflower will purchase that unwanted jewelry and donate a portion of the purchase price to your organization. We also encourage all sellers to donate a portion of the funds we give them. Two forms of donations in one! The best part is that we do the work, and you reap the rewards! Set-up an appointment to learn more about how fundraising can benefit your organization.
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