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Get accurate appraisals for insurance, estate planning, or fair market value with Mayflower Estate Buyers.

Why Have a Jewelry Appraisal?

Whether you need an appraisal for insurance coverage, estate planning, or simply want to identify what you have, Mayflower Estate Buyers offers reliable and comprehensive jewelry appraisals in Towson, MD. Our expert appraisers will meticulously examine your piece, considering its unique characteristics and current market trends, to provide you with an accurate and fair appraisal report.

Types of Appraisals We Offer

Insurance Appraisals

Ensure proper insurance coverage and receive fair compensation in case of loss or damage. We understand insurance requirements and provide detailed reports that exceed insurance company requirements.

Estate Appraisals

Accurately value your jewelry for tax purposes, equitable distribution among heirs, or clear record-keeping. We understand the complexities of estate planning and provide sensitive and professional services to help you navigate the process smoothly.

Fair Market Appraisals

Gain an objective assessment of your jewelry’s current market value for private sales, or future transactions. Our Towson, MD-based team is familiar with local market trends and provides realistic valuations you can trust.

What to Expect from Your Appraisal

Convenient Options

Submit your appraisal request online, schedule an appointment at our secure Towson, MD location, or discuss additional consultation locations.

Expert Evaluation

Our certified gemologists and appraisers will carefully examine your jewelry, considering its details like carat weight, stone cuts, metal type, and any unique features.

Detailed Report

You’ll receive a comprehensive appraisal with a detailed descriptions of your jewelry, a photo, and the value.

Transparency & Trust

We maintain complete transparency throughout the process and are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards.

Ready to Get Started?

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Do you have jewelry you no longer wear or that doesn’t quite fit your style? At Mayflower Estate Buyers, we offer a convenient and secure way to sell your valuable pieces. We’re passionate about providing fair and competitive prices for a wide range of jewelry, ensuring you receive the true value your treasures deserve.

Mayflower Estate Buyer Reviews

“I learned a lot about the value of my jewelry. The biggest thing I learned is that Nicholle (Mayflower) cares about me. She told me what had value, what didn’t and the best way to get the most money from selling my jewelry.” – Paige, Baltimore, MD

Appraising a Wide Range of Jewelry and Collectibles

At Mayflower Estate Buyers, we offer comprehensive jewelry appraisals for a diverse range of pieces, ensuring you receive a fair and informed assessment:

a diamond engagement ring and wedding band

Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Whether your ring is a classic solitaire or a unique designer piece, our appraisers meticulously evaluate its diamond quality, cut, clarity, color, and metal type to determine its value.

Diamond Jewelry

From sparkling earrings to dazzling necklaces, we possess the expertise to assess the brilliance of your diamonds, considering their cut, clarity, color, carat weight, and setting to provide an accurate valuation.

graduated pearl necklace

Pearl Jewelry

From lustrous Akoya pearls to rare Tahitian pearls, our appraisers understand the nuances of pearl quality, including size, shape, luster, surface blemishes, and origin, to determine their market value.

sell gold jewelry in baltimore

Gemstone Jewelry

Whether you own a captivating ruby necklace, a vibrant sapphire ring, or an emerald pendant, our gemologists possess the knowledge to assess the gemstone’s unique characteristics ensuring a precise valuation.

a two-tone rolex wrist watch


From timeless vintage watches to prestigious modern brands, our appraisers hold extensive expertise in evaluating the condition, movement, materials, and brand history of your timepiece to determine its current market value.

selling coins and bullion in towson md

Coin Collections

We offer coin appraisals for collectors, considering the coin’s rarity, condition, year of mintage, metal content, and market trends to provide an accurate assessment of its value.

a collection of jewelry pieces organized in a pink jewelry box

Jewelry Collections

Do you have a treasured collection of inherited pieces or diverse jewelry styles? We offer comprehensive collection appraisals, meticulously examining each item and considering its individual value and the overall collection’s significance to provide a fair and informed assessment.

Antique Jewelry

From Art Deco earrings to Victorian brooches, our appraisers are well-versed in the history and characteristics of antique jewelry, taking into account its age, provenance, condition, and rarity to determine its true worth.

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