Jewelry Buying Events

I can’t thank you enough for a very informative buying event. You were so kind and helpful to all of our customers.
Mary Beth Cornwall
Ray Jewelers

Recession-Proof Your Business

When you partner with Mayflower Estate Buyers for your Buying Events, we do all the work while you get all the rewards! At the end of the event, we write you a check for 10% of everything we buy. But that’s not all. We invest an average of $8,000 in marketing your store, your brand, and your expertise and setting you up to reap the rewards long after your event is over.

Marketing Done for You

On average, Mayflower spends $8,000 in advertising for buying events. Unlike other industry buying events, we don’t put our name on your advertising. It’s all about you, promoting you as the expert in your area, and creating a buzz around your business.

20% More Sales for You

We structure our buying events to increase your store sales! When we’re buying from your customers we’re giving them money they can spend in your store that day!

Your Team Trained for You

We’ve created a team training that makes your team comfortable and confident when talking about buying events. We show them how to talk to customers, who to invite, and how to keep the momentum (and sales) up!

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