Recession-Proof Your Business with Mayflower's Buying Events

When you partner with Mayflower Estate Buyers for your Buying Events, we handle all the heavy lifting while you enjoy the rewards! At the event’s conclusion, we cut you a check for 10% of every purchase made. But there’s more – we invest an average of $8,000 in marketing your store, brand, and expertise, ensuring lasting benefits long after the event concludes.

Elevating Your Business Beyond Buying Events

At Mayflower Estate Buyers, we go beyond the typical buying event model. Our commitment extends to not only delivering lucrative outcomes but also investing in your store’s long-term success. From tailored marketing strategies that put your brand in the spotlight to structuring events for immediate sales impact and equipping your team with the tools for sustained success – every facet is meticulously crafted to ensure your business thrives in any economic landscape.

Marketing Tailored for You

Unlike other industry events, we prioritize your name on the advertising. It’s all about showcasing you as the expert in your area, generating buzz around your business.

20% More Sales for Your Store

Our buying events are strategically designed to boost your store sales. When we buy from your customers, we’re putting money back into their hands to spend in your store on the same day!

Team Training Customized for Success

We provide a comprehensive team training program, ensuring your staff feels comfortable and confident discussing buying events. We guide your team on maintaining momentum and driving sales.

Discover How Mayflower's Estate Events Work Together To Elevate Your Bottom Line

Your Store's Success Awaits

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