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Your Trusted Partner for Personalized Jewelry Appraisals, Selling, and Identification

Welcome to Mayflower Estate Buyers, where you and your jewelry are in the spotlight. Experience the highest standard of personalized and exceptional jewelry services with our trusted experts. With a warm and customer-centric approach, we are committed to helping you unlock the value of your precious pieces.

Our Jewelry Services

From jewelry appraisals to selling and expert identification, we have you covered. Whether you need jewelry appraisals for insurance, want to sell your jewelry, or uncover the stories behind your collection, our dedicated team provides exceptional service and guidance.

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Personalized Jewelry Appraisals

Accurate Jewelry Appraisals Tailored to Your Needs

Put your trust in Mayflower Estate Buyers for personalized jewelry appraisals that meet your requirements. Our certified appraisers offer meticulous assessments and documentation for insurance purposes, fair market or liquidation appraisals, and jewelry appraisals for estate purposes. We provide accurate and reliable valuations to safeguard your valuable assets.

Selling Your Jewelry

Unlock the Value of Your Precious Pieces

Are you ready to part with your jewelry? Mayflower Estate Buyers specializes in buying various jewelry and precious metals to ensure you receive the best prices. Our expertise provides a seamless selling process for gold, antique jewelry, silver, luxury watches, diamonds, design jewelry, and more.

Jewelry Identification

Discover the Secrets and Stories Behind Your Jewelry

Unveil the hidden secrets and gain insights into the stories behind your jewelry collection with Mayflower Estate Buyers. Our expert identification services include determining authenticity, identifying gemstones, and assessing any historical significance of your cherished jewelry. Let us guide you in understanding the value and history of your jewelry collection.
At Mayflower, we believe in fostering meaningful conversations with our valued customers. We hear your questions, appreciate your story, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Experience the warmth of our friendly atmosphere, combined with unwavering professionalism. Embark on a jewelry journey with Mayflower Estate Buyers and discover the personalized and exceptional service that sets us apart.