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Professional Appraisal and Liquidation Services

Mayflower helps various professionals work smarter, not harder.

We are equipped to come to your offices to do the appraisals while you work with your clients.






We Provide Free Consultations

We help to determine the best options

Our professional services also include but are not limited to a free consultation to dispose of unwanted jewelry in your place of business or clients home. We can purchase one item of jewelry or an entire estate or collection. We will evaluate the jewelry in front of you or your client, discuss the options and will help determine the best option for your client based on their needs.



We share our knowledge and experience

Our Professional services also include free consultations for you or your staff. While we share our knowledge and experience, we listen to understand the needs of your business along with the needs of your clients.


Sale of Unwanted Jewelry



Converting Hard
Assets into Liquidity


Liquidating jewelry collections, coin collections and gold

Mayflower can help settle estates by liquidating jewelry collections, coin collections and gold for your clients. This allows all the items to be converted to cash to be split evenly between heirs. This is much quicker, easier, and less expensive than writing full appraisals for not only attorneys, but for your clients who don’t want the collections in the first place. This allows your clients to free up funds that can be used in a different aspect of their portfolio and allows you to settle the estate faster. This process is also great for insurance professionals and wealth managers looking to help their clients diversify a clients’ investments.



Our advisors will discuss the needs of all involved and recommend the best course of action.

Appraisal Pricing

Gold Jewelry, no gemstones $75
Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry
Items with up to 1 type, shape, or size stone $95
Items with 2 different type, shape, or size stones $125
Items with up to 3 type, shape, or size stones $150
Items with up to 4 type, shape, or size stones $175
Items with up to 5 type, shape, or size stones $205
Items with up to 6+ type, shape, or size stones Request Quote
Signed Pieces I.E. Brand, trademark, etc $125 and up
Pearl Strands $95
Graduated Pearl Strands $115
Pearl Strands with Gemstone Clasps $125 and up
Watches $150
Watches with Diamonds See pricing for diamond and gemstone jewelry
Antique jewelry and antique reproductions $175 and up
Charm Bracelets $265 and up

If you’re unsure of where your piece(s) fit in the pricing table email a picture to for a quote.

How Appraisals Works

Step 1

View the collection and determine the type of appraisal required. Virtual and in-person consultations are available. In-person consultations can be performed at your office, our office, or other location if required.

Step 2

The Mayflower appraiser prepares a scope of work after a thorough inspection of the items. Note: to prepare an accurate scope of work the appraiser must physically inspect the items. This can be done at your office or ours.

Step 3

After the scope of work is agreed upon, the appraiser will begin gemstone testing, gold testing, measuring, researching, and photographing items for appraisals. Note: some items may require further testing that may require additional time.

Step 4

Appraisals are researched, written, and delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe established in the scope of work.

Documentation Services for Appraisals

Fair Market Value

Does your client just want to sell valuables? Do they need to shift assets from a non-liquid form of wealth (like jewelry or coins) to another section of their portfolio?  S/He needs a Fair Market Value appraisal.

Forensic Appraisal

Do you need to know if an antique item is authentic? (it’s far more valuable if it is).  Do you need to know values from a date long past? You need a forensic appraisal.


Does your client need to liquidate valuable due to divorce or other financial reasons? You do not need appraisals to sell items and Mayflower can help you do that.

Insurance Replacement Appraisals

Everything your client needs to insure their valuables.


Do you need to settle an estate? You need estate appraisals for your client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do the appraisals at our offices?

Yes, we do!

Will you do the appraisals from a bank vault?

Yes, we will!

Can you talk to our clients to determine their needs?

Yes, we can!

Can we drop off items at your office?

Yes, you can!

Do you appraise coin collections?

Yes, we do!

Do you appraise art and antiques?

Yes, we do!

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